Valvecosy™ - Insulating cover for your hot water service valve.
Easy, quick DIY installation. Valvecosy™ safely insulates your hot water service valve.

Valve Cosy has new owners! Contact us at Our new website will be online soon. Ian Southhall, Malcolm McKelvie and Aaron Kennedy."

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Australian Patent No. 2008226325

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Valvecosy™ is designed and made in Australia. Super easy installation, clips on in just a few seconds. It's as easy as 1-2-3. No tools are required. By using Valvecosy™ you help the environment by reducing energy consumption. See all of Valvecosy's features here ...


Valvecosy™ saves you money by reducing heat loss and conserving energy. Extensive tests and thermographic images showing heat radiation - before and after Valvecosy™ - demonstrate its effectiveness.


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