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Valvecosy™ and the environment

Learn how Valvecosy™ saves energy and helps the environment at the same time.

The big picture

There are approximately 8 million households with hot water services in Australia [1]. On average Australia produces ~1 kg CO2 – e.kWh. [2]. Installing Valvecosy™ saves on average around 55kg of C02 per year per household installation.

Even if only 1 million households installed a Valvecosy™, that would save 55 million kW/hrs of energy and reduce 55 million kg of CO2 being released into the atmosphere per year.

These savings will be year upon year.

The little picture

Your Valvecosy™ contains embodied energy through its manufacture. The best we can do to honour that energy is to produce a great product with a long life span and the ability to recycle it at the end of its life.

Valvecosy™ outer is manufactured from UV stabilised Polypropylene Plastic to ensure a long life in the elements. Valvecosy™ inner is manufactured from Expanded Polystrene to give it is insulation properties. The inner and outer can be separated with a minimum of fuss and they have been marked with easily identifiable recycling logos to aid recycling at the end of their life spans.

Valvecosy™ is manufactured locally in Australia in the greater Melbourne area. Our suppliers come from Collaroo, Dandenong South, Nundawading, Oakleigh South and Port Melbourne.



[Note 2: http://www.climatechange.gov.au/publications/greenhouse-acctg/national-greenhouse-factors.aspx]