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Australian Patent No. 2008226325

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Easy, quick DIY installation. Choose Valvecosy™ to safely insulate your hot water service valve.

Save money - Reduce heat loss - Conserve energy - Made in Australia

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Valvecosy™ is currently available in

COLORBOND® colour DUNE®* dune colour.

  • Easy removal of Valvecosy™ to facilitate inspection of valve
  • Covers and enables positioning of easing gear at various orientations
  • Fits most 12mm and 19mm valves
  • Covers valve and pipe unions to reduce heat loss
  • Drainage channel enables water to drain from the cover which may indicate valve leaks. It also maintains dryness within the Valvecosy™ insulator
  • Covers auxilliary relief valve. If valve releases boiling water it is directed downward and at the tank, not into the surrounds
  • Covers entire valve reducing heat loss
  • Simple installation by anyone. No tools or additional materials required
  • Helps hot water service installations comply with AS/NZS 3500.4. Don't get caught out at an audit without insulation